Ordering from the Bonus Buck Catalog is quick and easy

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Complete it either by hand or on your computer.

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Enter the Code #, description and quantity of the item(s) you want and remember to include your name and address. (Important: Use the U.S. code if you live in the USA. Use the CDN code if you live in Canada.)

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Enclose the order form and the correct number of Bonus Bucks, plus $3.25 for shipping and handling for the first 4 items, and $0.50 for each additional item, in an envelope. (Note: do not send cash through the mail – check or money order only. Please make checks payable to Reader Service.)

In the U.S. mail to:spacerIn Canada mail to:
Bonus Bucks ProgramspacerBonus Bucks Program
P.O. Box 9070spacerP.O. Box 603
Buffalo, NY 14269-9070 spacerFort Erie, ON L2A 5X3

NOTE: When ordering more than one item, please be aware that they may be shipped separately.