Our Larger Print Products


Discover how much more comfortably you can read with Larger Print. These “easy-on-the-eye” editions give you the entire, satisfying story with not a single word missing. Plus, they look as beautiful and inviting as regular print editions, so only you will know that the print is about 20% larger. We also offer a selection of series that are available in True Large Print with a font size that’s approximately 50% larger than regular print. Perfect for those who find the larger print isn’t quite large enough.

Read a FREE excerpt. Decide which series you like best. We’ll send you your 2 FREE  BOOKS plus TWO MYSTERY GIFTS (approx. retail value of $10) directly to your door.

Note: books received may not be as shown.

Harlequin® Heartwarming™ Larger Print

Enjoy being swept off your feet by wholesome, heartfelt romances that are imbued with all the traditional values you cherish the most: home, family, community and true love.

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Harlequin® Intrigue Larger Print

Prepare to be kept on the edge of your seat as resourceful true-to-life women and strong, fearless men encounter shared dangers and unexpected passions that lead to electrifying romance and heart-stopping suspense.

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Harlequin® Medical Romance™ Larger Print

Join highly dedicated doctors, surgeons, nurses and paramedics as they navigate the high stakes of falling in love while working in the pressured world of medicine.

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Harlequin Presents® Larger Print

Prepare to be swept off your feet as you step into the sensational, sophisticated world of international romance where sinfully tempting heroes ignite fierce and wickedly irresistible passions.

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Harlequin® Romance Larger Print

Experience the intensity, anticipation and sheer rush of falling in love with these warm, witty modern romances about the search for Mr. Right and the desire for a happy ending.

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Love Inspired® Larger Print

Experience the healing power of true and lasting love in these uplifting stories that show that faith, forgiveness and hope have the power to lift spirits and change lives – always.

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Love Inspired® Suspense Larger Print

Brace yourself for a dash of danger with this selection of pulse-racing stories that feature strong heroes and heroines whose faith is central in solving mysteries and saving lives.

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