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Fortunes of Texas Collection

There is nothing quite like the powerful draw of handsome men with rich histories and deep pockets to keep you entertained for hours on end! Imagine the romance, the glamour and the adventures you’ll enjoy in the unique Fortunes of Texas Collection! You’ll meet the unforgettable characters of the powerful Fortune and Mendoza dynasties…sexy men and women who find love in Texas. There’s no shortage of rich drama thanks to these tycoons and cowboys. And of course, lots of Texas-sized romance!

Must ♥ Dogs

Finding true love can be “ruff” – but not when adorable dogs help to play matchmaker in these romantic “tails”!
This collection is packed with uplifting stories share how our four-legged friends can bring love into our lives, in more way than one! Each book in your shipment includes 2 stories that features furry friends who act as sidekicks and matchmakers to their lovelorn owners. You’ll get to take the journey alongside them if you choose to cozy up with the romantic “tails” in the Must ♥ Dogs Collection! PLUS in each shipment you’ll also receive a FREE miniature dog figurine!

Diana Palmer Collection

Bold, exciting, and heart-melting western romances by New York Times Bestselling author Diana Palmer!
Cowboys, ranchers and lawmen, oh my! Bestselling author Diana Palmer combines hunky heroes and the American West in sizzling stories of love. In the first shipment you’ll meet Calhoun and Justin, who both have their own stories to tell about igniting an old flame. Throughout this collection you’ll also meet Tyler, Quinn, Ethan, and Connal if you decide to embrace the thrill of the Wild West with the Diana Palmer Collection! PLUS you’ll also receive a charming Horseshoe Necklace for FREE!

Home on the Ranch Collection

Experience the stories of daring rodeo rebels, cowboy rescuers, courageous women and handsome rancher bachelors from the Home on the Ranch Collection! This wonderful collection features cowboys who live and love in the grand states of the American West, and the courageous women who tame and teach them to celebrate life, love and family.