Important Reader Service Update!

Please be aware that you may notice a delay in your shipment deliveries as we continue to navigate these rapidly-changing times. As a book publisher, we rely on a number of moving parts to ensure your books are printed and distributed effectively and will do our best to continue to work toward that goal. 

Our main form of communication with our members will continue to be email during this time, which is the quickest and most reliable way to communicate shipping updates. Please contact Customer Service by phone at 1-800-873-8635 or by email to confirm we have your email address on file so we can provide necessary updates. If you choose to email us, please remember to include your account number so we can ensure your email address is connected to the proper account.

You can also visit My Account to view past Harlequin Reader Service and Bonus Bucks orders, check your delivery status, make a payment, update your personal information and more.